Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Panther's Draft Musings

Everyone is killing the Panthers for drafting these "undersized" D-lineman (Brown 6'2 256, Corvey Irvin 6'3 301), doesn't that say to anyone what it does to me? Maybe our new Defensive Coordinator Ron Meeks is going to put more of his thumbprint on our defense than anyone has expected - he seemed to have pretty good success (read: win a Superbowl) with an undersized DE named Freeney (6'1 268) and tackles that are 6'2 265 and 6'3 254.

Monday, April 27, 2009

2006 National Treasures Break

Scans will be coming up later tonite.

Cellphone camera fail and ramblings

So I had this big post typed up questioning some of the things I observed at the local show this weekend in Charlotte, namely a deal with a TON of extrordinary patches (shields, reebok logos, team logos) who was quite actively attempting to buy any 1-2 color high end cards at pennies on the dollar (he almost nutted over my 1 color exquisite Henne) but that post doesn't really work without the photos that I completely failed on with my phone.  So in the meantime I will post this and give a little update about what is coming up over the next day or two for me.  

Have a big mailday from Saturday  and some things from today to scan in this evening along with scans from the UD Premier 2008 box i bought and busted at the show.  And from what my wife tells me my box of 2006 National Treasures arrived today so we will have a new video break to post up.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night Group Break Results

Well the break went extremely well for me:

Hit a very nice 4 color Trent Edwards RC Patch numbered 22/25 as well as a Lawrence Taylor "prime" gu numbered 19/25.  You can see the entire break on SCU.

Mail Day

Not a huge mail pile tonite, but I wanted to share the cards I picked up from my lunch time trade.

First up, couple small pick ups... Beason RC from Donruss Threads and a random Event mem piece of Stewart I didn't have yet.

Next we have my first in person card trade in over 12 years courtesy of Voluntarheel:

And to wrap it up the first of the trade spoils from my Exquisite breaks trickling in, the Steve Slaton 1/1 was turned into this via www.sportscardforum.com:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best Box of 08 SPA yet for me......

But that isnt saying much!  hehe

Met up with Voluntarheel around lunch at the LCS and after watching him pop a 1/25 Eddie Royal Gold Patch I felt obligated to give it a shot....  

John David Booty 1 color Auto/Rookie 197/999 meh

John David Booty,Vikings,Patch,Rookie,Autograph

I'll get the scan in here later tonite.  Other hits were:

Chevis Jackson 831/1199
Darius Reynaud 21/1199 - He and I have a serious Love/Hate relationship  -  i hate pulling him and he loves showing up in my boxes.

Lance Leggett - Browns
Kregg Lumpkin - Packers
Donovan Woods - Steelers
Darnell Jenkins - Texans

I am Joe Collector: 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Case Break - If you are from Upper Deck Please Read. The Craziest Case Break You Might Ever See.

I am Joe Collector: 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Case Break - If you are from Upper Deck Please Read. The Craziest Case Break You Might Ever See.

Wow, this is just incredible, I encourage anyone stumbling across this to go read this asap.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sports Cards Uncensored: 07 NT 2 Box Break- Slot Assignments Coming Tonight

Sports Cards Uncensored: 07 NT 2 Box Break- Slot Assignments Coming Tonight

Wish me luck! 

Finally got my Panthers (and trade) buckets up to date

Seeing as how its been a really slow day, not much in the news (hopefully we can trade Peppers off soon and I can start to enjoy mock drafts), no breaks (though I should have my box of 07 NT soon, and I am in a 2 box group break of NT that should come off Friday night to give me something to write about) and not even a mail day today so I thought I would celebrate my boredom by sharing a bit of my high end Jonathan Stewart collection:

Got a few nice ones incoming including a 1/1 Letterman from Donruss Threads, McFadden/Stewart dual from Bowman Sterling and another TTT 2/3 (I think im the only guy that likes these)  still but the Exquisite 2008 is still eluding me.

Recent Case Breaks

Here are the first of hopefully many breaks I will be posting here.   1 2006 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Football and 1 2008 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Football.  Some very nice hits, including 1 that when we hit it I really couldn't believe how nice it was.  Most of these cards will be making their way to my bucket in the next couple of days and a very few have found new homes already.

Tomorrow I hope to begin showing off a little of my personal collection. For a 3 month work in progress I believe its coming along nicely.

Should have a box of 07 National Treasures incoming in the next few days for a break and if you are interested in a group break of this product be sure to head over to SCU and get in on it before its tolate.

Welcome - a bit about me.

Welcome to my new blog.  Hope you all enjoy it as I am sure many of you out there can relate to me.

I am a 30 year old
 reborn collector.  I have been collecting -something- as long as I can
 remember.  Around age 4 I started with boogers, but quickly decided that moving on to GI Joes and Transformers was far more rewarding.  Sometime around 1987 I got my first pack of baseball cards (why couldn't I have been smart and went Fleer basketball instead).  Good old 1987 Topps.  I had boxes full (still do if anyone needs kindling), my m
om would pick a pack up for me when I was "good" out shopping, amazing how relative that was hehe.  In 88 I moved more to Donruss where I acquired a fabled
 Gregg Jeffries card - holy crap, it was worth almost $10 in Beckett.  My collecting continued along these lines until sometime around 1990-1992 when I stared really getting serious about playing baseball, i was quite a catcher in my younger days and my coaches affectionately nick-named me Yogi after the Yankee great.  Not having a clue who that was I of course ran home to Beckett to look up his cards and was blown away.  Soon after I acquired my very

 own Yogi Berra a 1954 Topps #50,
 It was not in great shape but I was truly blown away by my mom agreeing to spend $70 on a card for me at a LCS (alot of money for my family).  It remains one of the few cards I still have from my pioneering collecting days and a personal favorite.  

Around this time I found a new more affordable personal hero from the team I selected in 1989 during the WS to be MY team to collect.  A young fellow named Mark McGwire with a penchant for hitting HUGE home runs and injuring his ankle.  From this time until my retirement from collecting sports cards in 1998, when I moved on to a game called Magic the Gathering to scratch both my competitive and collecting itches with the loss of high school athletics, I amazed a huge collection with over 95% of his cards from the time period including my all time favorite card the 1991 Topps Desert Shield Mark McGwire #270.  To say I was ecstatic when #62 was hit was a slight understatement and I had a bit of longing for my old hobby at this time.  But alas things change, I began to lose serious faith in not only the hobby but humanity when my youth pastor at my local church became one of the largest pack searchers/eBay sellers of the time period.  And I found myself drifting further and further away from these cards.

Fast forward 12 years to February of 2009 and we find myself here, walking into a LCS with no
 idea what the hobby had become, my love of baseball completely vanquished by steroids and the Carolina Panthers.  My first experience back in the card store brought make so many memories, good and bad of my grandfather, good deals, false accusations it was almost overwhelming.  But seeing as how I was there, have grown up a bit and have some disposable income I found myself drawn to a box of Topps 2008 Triple Threads the first pack contai
ned this fascinating Joe Flacco/Ray Rice Dual Crest Auto NFL Shield card and I was again officially hooked all over again.

These days I am dipping my feet into the hobby slowly.  I love to bust wax, will have some video links up soon, am active on www.sportscardforum.com and thoroughly enjoy reading some of the blogs out there these days (Sports Cards Uncensored, Cardboard Reflux, and The Sports Card File) - by the way feel free to recommend new ones to me, always looking for reading material.

I am focusing (and this blog will do so primarily as well) on football cards for the foreseeable future.  I am collecting Jonathan Stewart, Deangelo Williams and other players from the best team ever to call Charlotte, NC home :)  Over the next few days I will be beginning to show off my PC, mail days and breaks.  (If I work out all the kinks with this blog thing hehe) I hope to  eventually provide group breaks of boxes and cases - I still have my love of breaking wax, even if none of the cards are for me.

This is strictly a hobby for me, I'm not here to make my fortune.  I am here to have fun, like alot of you (especially in our current economy) I don't like my career particularly, have a loving wife and sometimes just want a mental escape.  I have a dark sense of humor at times, like silly jokes and TV shows, love movies and sports.  So if you think like me drop me a line, and if you are in the Charlotte area maybe we can grab lunch one day.