Monday, April 27, 2009

Cellphone camera fail and ramblings

So I had this big post typed up questioning some of the things I observed at the local show this weekend in Charlotte, namely a deal with a TON of extrordinary patches (shields, reebok logos, team logos) who was quite actively attempting to buy any 1-2 color high end cards at pennies on the dollar (he almost nutted over my 1 color exquisite Henne) but that post doesn't really work without the photos that I completely failed on with my phone.  So in the meantime I will post this and give a little update about what is coming up over the next day or two for me.  

Have a big mailday from Saturday  and some things from today to scan in this evening along with scans from the UD Premier 2008 box i bought and busted at the show.  And from what my wife tells me my box of 2006 National Treasures arrived today so we will have a new video break to post up.

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