Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally got my Panthers (and trade) buckets up to date

Seeing as how its been a really slow day, not much in the news (hopefully we can trade Peppers off soon and I can start to enjoy mock drafts), no breaks (though I should have my box of 07 NT soon, and I am in a 2 box group break of NT that should come off Friday night to give me something to write about) and not even a mail day today so I thought I would celebrate my boredom by sharing a bit of my high end Jonathan Stewart collection:

Got a few nice ones incoming including a 1/1 Letterman from Donruss Threads, McFadden/Stewart dual from Bowman Sterling and another TTT 2/3 (I think im the only guy that likes these)  still but the Exquisite 2008 is still eluding me.

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